Guga Melgar: Hedda Gabler, Masquerade, Fall Sonata, 2 Women and a Corpse, The Curse of the Black Valley, Uncle Vania, Drought Flood, The Seven Ota River tributaries, Hair
Leo Aversa: Spring Awakening, Partimpim II and All Chico Buarque’s Musicals in 90 min.
Marcos Mesquita: How to Win in Life
Victor Haim: Battle of Rice in a Ring for Two
Rogério Faissal: Hedda Gabler
Sandra Delgado: Hamlet
Lenise Pinheiro: Hamlet, Tom and Vinicius
Guito Moreno: Hamlet
Renato Mangolin: Maria Stuart
Liana Brazil: Hip Hop Loves the Beat of the Music
Jeff Whitting: Hairspray
Leo Ladeira: Hair
Agência Globo: The Lady of the Cerrado, Tristan and Isolde
JB Agency: 5X Comedy, Tristan and Isolde
Bruno Tetto: Judy, The End of the Rainbow
Marcio Madeira: Maria Bonita Parades
Daniel Klajmic: Notebook She, Daniela Mercury
Robert Feinberg: Adriana Calcanhotto – Sung Show
Paulo Jabour: Adriana Calcanhotto – Cantada Show
Adri Felden: Adriana Calcanhotto – Sung Show
The Cantada show’s costume was made in partnership with Danielle Jensen
Cristina Granato: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
J. Vilhora: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
Vivian Vergal: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
Priscila Franco: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
Gabriele Barbosa: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
Andréa Rocha: Adriana Calcanhotto – Maritime Show
Leo Aversa: Show Partimpim 2
Betrayal: directed by Arthur Fontes, José Henrique Fonseca and Claudio Torres (Conspiração Filmes)
photos Fernanda Torres for The Globe: Leonardo Aversa
Carlota Joaquina: directed by Carla Camuratti (Copacabana Filmes)
Benjamin: Directed by Monique Gardenberg (Duet and Natasha Filmes)
Redeemer: Directed by Claudio Torres (Conspiracy Movies)
Passenger: directed by Flávio R. Tambellini
The Greatest Love in the World: directed by Cacá Diegues (Luz Mágica Produções)
partnership design by Bettine Silveira
Uh! Guarana: Directed by Claudio Torres (Conspiracy Movies)
Bacardi Lemon: Directed by Isabel Jaguaribe (Conspiracy Movies)
Vinolia: directed by Breno Silveira (Conspiracy Movies)
Nintendo-Zelda: Directed by Erik Ifergan (Zohar Movies)
Daniela Mercury: Directed by Mini Kerti and Carolina Jabor (Conspiracy Movies)
Snoop Doggy Dog: Directed by Chris Robinson
Elvis Crespo: Directed by Mini Kerti and Carolina Jabor (Conspiracy Films)
Smirnoff: Directed by Claudio Torres (Conspiracy Movies)
Wringley: Directed by Brian Buckley (Hungryman)
Credicard: Directed by Claudio Torres (Conspiracy Movies)
Bavaria: Directed by Jason Harrington (Zohar Movies)
Seda Keratina: Directed by Caolina Jabor (Conspiracy Movies)
Stardust: Directed by Brian Buckley (Hungryman)
Credicard-Itaú: directed by Claudio Torres (Conspiração Filmes)
Sadia, Nova Schin, Nova Schin New Year’s Eve and Nova Schin Carnival: directed by Luciano Moura (O2)
Claro: directed by 300ml (Hungryman)
Kuat Eko: Directed by Carlão Bursato (Margarida Filmes)
New Year’s Eve: Directed by Ronaldo Soares (So-and-So Movies)
Airwick: Directed by Gualter Pulo (Hungryman)
Itaú: Directed by Andrucha Waddington